A Case of The Fears

Chicken Soup is good for a cold
Sleep is good for the Flu
When I get a case of the Fears
What is a person to do?
It is not bacteria
Although it can eat away my soul
It is not a virus
Yet, it can keep me from feeling whole
I know what will do the trick,
What will put me back on top,
A great big bowl of Ice Cream
Will really hit the spot
That was great and now I am done
One bowl just won't do
If one is good, then more is great
And now I have eaten two.
Bowls three, four, five and six
Came and then they went
I think my case of the fears are fixed
Look at how my time was spent
I am getting sleepy
It is time to go to bed
My fears are no longer in my stomach
Now they are in my head
I close my eyes and I can see
The Fears I want to kill
I will do, whatever it takes
To keep the monsters still.
When I rise to greet the day
My fears are rising too
I know I need a friend right now
Whatever will I do?

I walk into the kitchen
And Open the freezer door
I stop myself and think real hard
I have been here once before.
I grab a seat in my comfy chair
And reach over for the phone
What will I say, if you are there?
I can hear a dial tone.
I enter all your numbers
You answer right away
You sit and listen, as I speak
You said I would be ok.
We say good-bye and I start my day
I knew I had been wrong
I start to read and then to pray
To keep me feeling strong.
If you are like me then you will see
That the fears, they come and go
Be the person you were meant to be
Let your feelings show.


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